Relationship karma activation

Now she sings, now she sobs. Life.

Bought this gorgeous Celestite last week as a (one of the many) birthday present pour moi. Love this angel stone so much. But to keep things real I’d like to add WHERE DO THESE FEELINGS COME AND WHERE CAN I PUT THEM?! ?

Not going to have a Full Moon Event (Täydenkuun ilta) on Thursday, but for those who’d like to know, Full Moon is in Libra 0 and Sun is in conjunct of the Wounded Healer Chiron on Aries point. This is potent stuff. Be ready for some relationship karma activation. Hurt, disappointment, sorrow, fear, feelings of inadequancy and all their friends and family might just revisit from the past in the most cunning ways. Oh the joys of being human. Obviously all is in the name of SEEING what is inside. And TO SEE IS TO BE FREE. That’s what we all want, right kiddos?

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