How can I help you?

I’m here to help you to

  • increase your self-awareness and understanding
  • strengthen your inner hearing and intuitive knowing
  • be fully present in the now
  • experience the flowering of the heart
  • heal and bring love to your relationships
  • awaken higher intelligence and creative potentials
  • be more authentic, spontaneous, creative and alive
  • heal emotional hurts and burdensome memories of the past
  • be free from behaviour patterns, thoughts and beliefs that limit you
  • resolve inner conflict to bring you peace and joy
  • relax the body and relieve stress
  • be free from judgements and false interpretations
  • be who you are fully present in what is
  • find your calling and purpose in life
  • create the life you want to live – awareness, health, love, abundance and success
  • awaken / create a shift in your consciousness 

Before choosing one of my services you might want to read more about my background and methods.


Energy transmission without consultation 50€

Energy transmission + Awareness consultation on skype or email/chat 100€

Read more about the energy work I do.


Energy transmissions

In readings I am happy to reply to your questions, for example about relationships, living, work, studies, purpose in life etc.  

Along with your questions, the content of a reading can be for example:

INTUITIVE READING via SKYPE – 95€ / 30 min

Soul’s plan / “Who am I?”

In the reading we survey your personality (personalities), temperament, challenges and gifts you’re born with, different coding, and inherited patterns that affect you and create your life experiences from the unconsciousness. We can describe clearly and understandably how your own beliefs and judgements, formed in the past, direct your choices and perceptions. We can depict your programming and attitude concerning your relationships, your expectations, professional orientation, special gifts and talents, emotional type and expression, karmic material, past lives and purpose in life, the direction of your development, why you wanted to come here, why your life is what it is, and what you can do to live the free, aware, joyful, loving and abundant life you wish. 

Tapestry of Time / “What’s going on and why?”

In the reading we can depict clearly in detail your “quality of time” and what would be the most beneficial approach to relate to your life, and what’s happening in there now and near future (1 to 2 years ahead). We clarify your life situation, what is really happening now and why. You’ll learn what are the processes you are going through right now, what is the timing for them, how long they will last and what other themes are activating in your life at the present time.


This reading charts the quality, challenges, karmic connections and gifts of the relationship between two people. We can highlight the differences between your emotional/sexual types, characters, thinking and communication styles, attitudes, expectations and such. Also we’ll go through compatibility and resemblance, kinship and similarities. We’ll review the dynamics, roles, programmings and charges underneath the surface that affect the relationship from the unconscious level. We can also clarify the eventual meaning of the relationship and the origin and type of the connection you have.

Send me an email ( to book an appointment. In your email tell me your full name, your present time zone, preferences for the time/date of the appointment and what service you wish to book and the accurate birth data (birthday, time and place of birth).

After your appointment is set, pay the fee early enough so that it is visible in my PayPal account at least 24h before our meeting. 

In the case of cancellation remember to inform me the day before our meeting at the latest. If an appointment is not properly cancelled or is cancelled in less than 24 hours time before appointment, the money paid for the service is not refunded.