New Moon Forecast 18.4. – 17.5.2015

As the first sign on the zodiac, New Moon in Aries (April 18th) launches a brand new cycle, beginning a year-long journey during which the Moon is reborn in each sign of the zodiac, activating different themes in our lives. Whereas March’s new moon in Pisces signaled a time of relinquishing, letting go, and closure, with the current moon, we have reached a new beginning. At best, we may feel like we can make a fresh start, brimming with excitement and childlike pleasure for the opportunities and changes ahead. You can bring this energy into your life by picturing your life as an empty slate in your mind – a tabula rasa –that is unburdened by memory traces from the past, or mental structures of an imagined future. Today is the day to start afresh – light, free, and childlike.



The new moon being conjunct the Artemis asteroid brings its own interesting flavor to the current period. Out of the Greek goddesses, Artemis was the self-assured and stubborn one, proud in her femininity, and showing solidarity for women; she was a wild and free forest maiden, virgin warrior, midwife, and witch, who knew what she wanted and pursued it tirelessly. What better time, then, than the current moon, to awaken slumbering or active feminine energies, to employ your full potential, and be empowered as never before? I would like say that this moon is dedicated to women who – to quote the title of the famous book by psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola Estés – run with the wolves.

All in all, the themes of the current moon are taking initiative, finding and applying one’s own power, frankness, honesty, truth, and discovering hidden strength. The time of victimhood, helplessness , and living in the past is over; embrace your new life as any warrior of light would, and wake up each morning feeling regenerated, cleansed, and full of joy, wonder, and gratitude for the surprises, opportunities, and adventures life has to offer you.

Central themes: new beginnings, excitement, childlikeness, tabula rasa, first steps, courage, trust, a leap into the unknown, wildness, freedom, wild femininity, hidden strength, rebirth.

Astrological codes: Pluto retrograde, Mars square Jupiter, Sun ingress Taurus, Mars trine Pluto, Mars sextil Chiron, Mercury ingress Gemini, Saturn semi-square Uranus, Venus ingress Cancer, Mars ingress Gemini, Mars semi-square Pluto, Mars opposition Saturn.

Translation Katja Nikula

New Moon Forecast 20.3. – 17.4.2015


We are currently in the middle of one of the most significant and intensive astrological periods in history. Today, on the day of the spring equinox (March 20th), a new moon, also known as a supermoon, is born in Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac. In addition to this, we are also experiencing a solar eclipse – mere days after the harbingers of radical change, revolution and transformation, Uranus and Pluto, complete their three-year battle for power. It is hardly surprising then, that this current period of time is suffused with strong, door-opening energies! You do not have to be especially perceptive to sense the exceptionally activating and stimulating quality of the current atmosphere. Many feel as though they are stuck in overdrive, and the more sensitive one is, the more tightly wound these current energies may make one feel. (Most impacted by the solar eclipse are those whose birth charts feature important factors in the last degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius)

Ultimately, it is all about letting go. This cliched phrase means different things for different people, and although it may sound simple, there is something fundamental, something very important and currently relevant, about it. You cannot begin a new life with a bag full of old junk. Forgiveness and giving things up are prevalent themes. The broadening of consciousness, new points of view, new epiphanies that challenge old interpretations are all supported by the current moon cycle. From a spiritual point of view, forgiveness is about seeing events in a different light, and realizing that there is nothing to forgive. Consequently, things that have upset or bothered you might be neutralized. You might feel as if the thing you had intended on carrying with you until the bitter end is suddenly inconsequential, and simply falls away. This phenomenon indicates a release from Karma; something that has been charged with Karmic energy before has now become neutral, and closure has been reached.

As I mentioned in the February forecast, birth charts featuring significant factors in the middle of Capricorn,Cancer, Aries, or Libra (14-16°) have been the ones most impacted by transformative and dismantling energies. Although these stormy energies have manifested on a global scale, there are some people who have been undergoing an internal process of transformation for years. This period of cosmic uprooting is finally coming to its end, allowing for stability and permanence, and a chance to (symbolically), resow this newly ploughed land. Spring is coming. Life begins to bloom once more, and new things will grow from fresh soil, onto a more stable base than before.

Central themes: letting go; giving things away; release from karma; purification; transformation; dismantling of structures; collapse; relinquishing control; exhale; courage to move on; following through; closure; forgiving old debts; release; atonement; letting go of restrictive interpretations of the past; preparing for a new cycle; birth.

Astrological Codes: Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Sun ingress Aries, (Uranus square Pluto), Mercury ingress Aries, Mars ingress Taurus, Mars quincunx Saturn, Mars semisquare Chiron, Jupiter in Direct Motion, Venus ingress Gemini, Mars sextile Neptune, Pluto Retrograde.

New Moon Forecast 19.2. – 19.3.2015


January’s new moon was in Aquarius and , believe it or not, the year’s second new moon (February 19th) is also in Aquarius – as if to emphasize the independent, mutinous, yet friendly nature of the zodiac. Although the new moon is born in the same sign as last month, the themes of this period are different; Aquarius, always ahead of its time, seeking change and the newest trends, new points of view and ways of doing things, is certainly not one for repetition. The four week long Mercury retrograde, which is now over (also in Aquarius), gave us a chance to reflect on the choices we have made in our lives in a challenging and critical way. The misunderstandings, cancellations, and disrepair connected with Mercury retrograde are behind us for the time being, although we’ll only be properly shot of this theme next month (March 3rd).

The energies of the moon cycle will activate relationship questions and/or creativity. From the dreamy and passive Pisces, the main couple – Mars and Venus – will be moving into the dynamic and initiative Aries at the very start of the period (February 20th). This reflects the climate change in life energies as the fiery, excited, and somewhat self-involved and carefree Aries ushers in the spring, awakening primal instincts and creative powers, and demanding instant attention. This can entail a sense of freedom, and elation over things finally progressing. The downside includes rash and abrupt solutions brought on by festering frustration and an almost obsessive need to take charge and set things in motion, without consulting others.

This moon cycle the bad boys of astrology, Uranus and Pluto, will finally be clashing horns after playing cat and mouse for the past few years. Markers of transformation and the dismantling of ineffective structures, this cosmic renovating team will most impact those whose birth charts include significant factors in the middle of Capricorn,Cancer, Aries, or Libra (approximately 15° on the tropical zodiac. These people have transformation process spanning several years ahead of them, and its objective is to dismantle old ways of operating and old systems of value; to let go of anything that is no longer meaningful, and does not support creativity, happiness, and growth. Naturally, this is also a collective phenomenon, whose influence can be witnessed in wider scope in world events.

Central themes: Straight to business. Excitement. DIY- thinking. Independence, taking initiative, passion. Creative passion. Love. Taking charge. Transformation. Head-on mentality.

Astrological codes: Sun ingress Pisces, Mars ingress Aries, Venus ingress Aries, Mars trine Saturn, Jupiter quincunx Pluto, Jupiter trine Uranus, Mars trine Jupiter, Mars conjunction Uranus, Mars square Pluto, Saturn Direct Motion (March 14th), Uranus square Pluto, Venus ingress Taurus.

New Moon Forecast 20.1. – 18.2.2015

Aquarius New Moon (January 20th) begins the year’s first moon cycle, bringing in new, lighter energy. Compared to the tense mood of the late fall, this fresh new cycle might sweep the energies into motion with its cosmic broom. There is a sense of new beginnings. From an earth-perspective, Mercury goes into one of its three retrogrades of the year from January 21st to February 11th, calling attention to thought patterns and internal processes. Mercury in Aquarius is rational, objective, cool and analytical. This is a good time to let go of old subjective and emotionally dependent world-views, and to look at things from a wider perspective, be tolerant, and understand different points of view, instead.

2015-uusikuu1Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation: machines break, IT and logistics go on the frizz, buying cars or electronics is inadvisable, signing contracts likewise; backups need backups. These ideas are based on fear and generalizations of the mind, however. Rather than acting from a place of fear, try enjoying the contemplative and analytical nature of Mercury retrograde. You might suddenly see things differently than you did before; you might end up changing your mind about something, or cancel plans you’ve already made. Something in your past that was left unfinished might crop up now to demand your attention. This is a good time to examine things critically and to shine a light on your inner self. What are you creating with your thoughts right now? Is it something you want? What things should you reconsider? Is there something in your life that requires a fresh perspective?

Pluto and Uranus, the harbingers of change, are battling under the current moon again as they have done for some years now. The Pluto Uranus square signifies a process of collective change where old structures are dismantled and new models begin to form in their stead. Those who undergo the transformation in their personal lives can sometimes feel that none of the old remains – the slate is wiped clean. The first part of 2015 has been about dismantling old, karmic, or inherited baggage. Letting go of the old, and fearlessly giving into change, is recommended, as this will allow you to harness strong and renewing energies.

Central themes: Objective and rational point of view. Change of mind. Past things cropping up. The process of becoming free. Letting go. From ‘me’ to ‘us’. Reconnecting with old friends. Compassion, good will, creativity, and presence.

Astrological codes: Sun ingress Aquarius, Mars conjunction Neptune, Mercury Retrograde, Pluto square moon nodes, Venus ingress Pisces, Mars conjunct Chiron, Uranus opposition north node; Mercury Direct Motion, Jupiter quincunx Chiron (Uranus square Pluto).

Translation Katja Nikula