Surf the Wave – New Moon in Leo

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 1.8. to 29.8.2019

The New Moon of August is not only flamboyant and pompous, but also loving, warmhearted, benevolent and sincere. New Moon is conjoined with Venus, the planet of balance, harmony, beauty and values. It is also one of the most important indicators of relationships and social life. Therefore invigorating and activating energies of New Moon are mostly directed towards our love life, value system and finding a balance there where it’s been compromised.

Creative self-expression is the most essential thing being represented by the sign of Leo, along with one’s heart energy and own path. Leo is all about following your own heart, passion and desire, creating your own destiny, charing creative talent with others (not as a part of a group though, but without compromises, exactly the way that feels right in your heart). The archetypal Leo that lives in all of us is a Star, Diva, Creator, Royalty and the one that stands out of the crowd for their own uniqueness, personal charm and creativity. At it’s best Leo is warm, brilliant, cordial, authentic and childlike, and we better not talk about what it can be at it’s worst, because of all the signs of the Zodiac Leo is the one that wants to turn their face towards the sun and insist that shadows or anything unpleasant doesn’t even exist, not in their life at least. And if someone says otherwise, it’s just them being jealous.

Uranus, dynamic and pulsing wildly the energy of reform, is in a very intensive contact with the Sun, Moon and Venus. This energy is an unpredictable and sudden but pushing strongly forward, which is a nice change after past months that have kept our focus in the past for so long. Almost all summer we have been forced to face unfinished things that we had left behind and thought they would stay there. All the retrograde planets, eclipses, Pluto and Saturn on the South Node of the Moon that represents our past lives and karma have taken care of this. Mercury retrograde has been like a cherry on top on this ancient cake that we have been munching these past weeks. But now Mercury has stationed direct and with a help of Uranus this means that things are starting finally to move forward, obstacles and hindrances are fading away and a big gust of cosmic wind may help us to take a huge leap ahead. And since Uranus can not be predicted nor controlled it’s best to take as steady position on a surfboard as possible, let the wave take you where it wants to go, and enjoy the ride. If you could see things from the larger perspective you would know that it’s taking yout to the best possible direction, but it demands wisdom, trust and ability to let go. If you are able to do that, this energy wave can thrust you immensely forward and even so that you can feel the joy of moving forward in your every cell.

Mercury that represents communication, words, thinking and mind has the most challenging location at the chart of the New Moon. Since it’s just ending it’s retrograde phase it’s in a so called ”station” mode and especially emphatic at these times. Also laborious and demanding Saturn along with intensive and destructive Pluto are both opposing it putting Mercury under a very heavy influence. For some this might have something to do with contracts, responsibilities or other burdens that are not yet quite dealt with. These things can not be avoided or bypassed, trying to do that would only add unnecessary anxiety or fear, and only way to be free is to face the situation and take care of everything that needs to be taken care of with meticulousness and caution.

There’s a complex aspect figure on the chart of the New Moon called The Finger of God or YOD. It points to conjoined Mars and Juno. Juno is an asteroid of unions, partnerships, marriage and craving to experience a deep and meaningful relation with someone special. Mars represents energy, aggression, sexuality, assertiveness and action. These two are in Leo aspected by Pluto and Neptune in the most confusing and abrading ways.  This configuration confirms the relationship theme of the whole chart of the New Moon bringing their own muddy undertone to the quality of time. It might be that everything in your love life or work relations isn’t quite what it seems or what it ”should be”. There’s a big risk to misstep in self-deception and refuse to see the truth, because the need to keep mental images of someone intact is stronger than the will to be honest with oneself. Depending on the person and the situation this may be just a passing drawback that will only strengthen the mutual bond when things get cleared out together, or it can be a good old double-dealing where someone didn’t mean to keep their promises in the beginning with but instead used emotive sweet talk just to manipulate or get what they wanted in purely selfish basis.

Luckily the energy of this Leo Moon is so radiant and high with self-esteem that if you happened to find yourself in such a situation, the recovery would be easy enough. Just get out of the sinkhole, shake the mud off of your hem, straighten up your posture and correct your crown, and then plunge towards all that wonderful and fun stuff that’s totally your own and makes your heart glow with such joy that no untruthful second-rate boo could ever make you feel that way.

Main themes of the month: 

creative self-expression, parth of the heart, love, relationships, marriage, harmony, balance, cordiality, benevolence, generosity, sudden changes, going forward, renewals, surprising incidents, taking care of responsibilities from the past, keeping one’s promises, being released from old by taking responsibility, brave beginnings in relationships, confusion and vagueness especially in relationships with men

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Leo in conjunct Venus, square Uranus, trine Jupiter and Chiron. The Finger of God a.k.a. YOD: Pluto sextile Neptune pointing Mars and Juno in Leo. Chiron trine Venus. Pluto and Saturn opposition Mercury. Pluto quincunx Mars. Pluto conjunct Saturn. Neptune quincunx Mars, square Jupiter, sextile Saturn. Jupiter trine Mars. Mercury stations direct 1.8. Jupiter stations direct 11.8. Uranus retrograde 12.8. Full Moon in Aquarius 15.8. Mars ingress Virgo 18.8. Venus ingress Virgo 21.8. Sun ingress Virgo 23.8. Mercury ingress Virgo 29.8. New Moon in Virgo 30.8.

Confines and compassion – New Moon in Cancer

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 2.7. to 31.7.2019

July starts off strong when with the New Moon, we get a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Cancer is an archetype similar to Moominmamma, caring, warm, emotional but also tough leader full of initiative power. The sign of crab is such an interesting and multidimensional in it’s nature, but sometimes misunderstood as merely moody. Cancer, ruled by the Moon itself, seems to manifest the many phases of the Moon including always changing emotional life. Cancer represents both the Inner Child within everyone of us that needs safety and care, and also the nurturing Mother.

However this New Moon seems to highlight the strict and controlling side of Cancer. We’ve been floating in Neptune’s realms for many moons now so this is exactly what we need; seriousness, strictness, rules, structures, long-time plans and sticking to the them. Summer holiday full of leisure? Think again, this is a time to get ourselves together, evaluate the situation, define the desired goal and all what it takes to reach it. The New Moon’s energy at the moment is stiff, serious, realistic and driving but demanding. There’s a straightforward and stringent tone in it. Being truthful, even if it hurts, is so important at this time that it can’t be emphasized enough.

At it’s essence this Cancer New Moon is like a loving but rigorous mother demanding us to finally start taking responsibility. Procrastination or trying to postpone things we see as unpleasant can’t go on anymore. When avoiding things isn’t working and we are forced to face the reality something finally starts to happen for real. The anxiety beneath the surface starts to wear off once we start to face the truth of the situation and take action.

In the chart of the New Moon there’s an aspect formulation called the God’s Fist or Thor’s Hammer, you can choose your favourite, because that’s where the freedom of choice ends. Like their names, a fist and a hammer, it is strong and tough representing an energy that has its roots in the past and its nature is the result of the choices made long ago. We’re not victims of any mystical destiny or the puppets of astrological constellations. Instead the choices we made or decided not to make are now knocking on the door demanding for attention. The fist or hammer is pointing at Mercury which is just beginning it’s retrograde period in Leo making this aspect especially interesting. Mercury represents everything to do with words, mind, thinking, communication, logistics, siblings and short trips. Mercury in retrograde is known for that time when a lot of misunderstandings and delays happen, and every other humour demanding little incidents that challenge the every day life.

This Mercury retrograde period is especially noteworthy because it is between two eclipses and it’s so strongly underlined in the chart of this New Moon. Mercury in Leo is a traditional “Teacher’s Mercury”, creative, self-confident, a bit loud and not afraid of stating the truths of how everything should be done to be done correctly and what in general is the best for everyone. At the moment Mercury is between Juno (the asteroid of partnership, marriage and unions) and Mars (the planet that represents raw energy, aggression and straightforward action). Mars together with Mercury is quite a power couple shouting the things other people might think but not dare to say out loud. Truths are vocalised in the name of honesty, and sometimes it can be refreshing to be uncharacteristically open and straight, and give valuable information to others that makes possible to change things, but often times it’s just ego driven arguing and a need to be right. This is still a great combination, because mind gets extra boost of courage and straightforwardness, especially when the words come out of the pure heart. But if the talking is done by the ego suffering from the sense of low self-worth, it can lead to power struggles and cause huge dishevel with long time effects.

There’s always a certain special charge in the times of eclipses, and especially highly sensitive people may experience many different effects and sensations from insomnia to over excitement and nervousness or total exhaustion without any explanation. That leads us to the core of the message of this Solar Eclipse. It’s all about confines, one’s own limits, care, having enough strength and responsibility issues. If there is something fundamentally wrong with these things, life will show us what is the matter. If it’s been a mystery before, it will not stay unclear much longer what things, situations and people left you empty and halfhearted. It is your own duty to take care of your boundaries and do what needs to be done in order to make others respect those boundaries too. Channel your inner Cancer in it’s full power and become a loving but strict mother or at least your very own Mary Poppins and start taking good care of yourself. It does not mean pampering yourself to rotten (even though that is much needed too at times), but instead give yourself time and space to truly listen what is important to you and your well being and then give yourself that. Fulfill your needs and take care of yourself with such love and devotion that you’ve always wanted other people to give you.

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.


Main themes of the month: 

getting serious, realities of life, decisions, truthfulness, honesty, growing up, determination, culmination point, not going back, structures, responsibilities, home, family, parenthood, trustworthiness, protecting what’s important, confines, limits, care, taking responsibility of one’s own happiness, need and fulfilling them

Astrology of New Moon: 

Total solar eclipse = Sun and Moon in Cancer conjunct North Node. Chiron square New Moon. Uranus sextile New Moon. Saturn opposition New Moon. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn conjunct South Node. Mars, Mercury and Juno conjunct in Leo square Uranus. God’s Fist or Thor’s Hammer: Jupiter and Neptune as base and Mercury on top. Mars ingress Leo 2.7. Venus ingress Cancer 3.7. Mercury retrograde in Leo 8.7. Chiron retrograde in Aries 9.7. Full Moon and a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 16.7. Mercury retrogrades in Cancer 19.7. Sun ingress Leo 23.7. Venus ingress Leo 28.7. Mercury stations direct 1.8. New Moon in Leo 1.8.

Love Letters from Gods – New Moon in Gemini

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 3.6. to 1.7.2019

Cosmic vibes in June are quite twofold, to say the least. Actually, there are three very different themes in the chart of Gemini New Moon, and it fully depends on your birthchart how these three motifs manifest in your life. Collective themes always appear in the most individual ways in lives of different people, but this time this is more apparent than normally.

Those of us who have something in about 19 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra are the ones being pressed harder than others. Some burdens, perhaps old fears from the past or some unfinished responsibilities are demanding attention and causing stress. The other lot, the ones who have 12 to 22 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo represented in their natal chart, are like floating with a big hot air balloon, far above the boring and mundane life with their humongous plans and too many irons in the fire. The last but not the least is the third group who have something in their birthchart around 20 degrees of Taurus, Pisces or Scorpio. They seem to be especially in favour of the gods at the moment. It’s very likely that they will receive some unexpected bounty like happiness in relationships, love, improvement of self-worth, wealth or a lovely new beginning. These cosmic gifts, what ever form they take, are meant to be long-standing blessings that will improve life and bring more stability and wellbeing.

South Node, a symbol for past experiences and ”karmic saldo” is still in Capricorn with Pluto and Saturn, like they all have been for a while. They direct our attention to the practical side of life. In what shape are the structures of your life? Are they built metaphorically with steady bricks or sticks and straws, like those silly little piglets did, and then the Big Bad Wolf came and blew their houses away. This is a wonderful time to figure out how strong the foundation of your life is. You might find some crevices on perfectly good looking constructions, or it may be that you get to face some outlived restrictions or beliefs that digs the ground under your feet. To see that may be heavy and frustrating, it can make you feel shame or think you’re powerless and depressed, but giving up isn’t an option. You might find that when you’ve spent enough time in the pit, you’ve gained such strength, authority and determination that you are so much more mature and powerful than you ever were before. Then you can’t but think of it all as a very valuable stage of your growth.

This New Moon in Gemini is like a forever young Peter Pan (who’s lost his shadow), Tinker Bell, Lost Boys and the whole NeverNeverLand all wrapped together in one packet. Mercury that represents mind, thinking and endless questions is in Gemini with New Moon in opposition with Jupiter, the planet of independence, limitless opportunities, foreign realms (both inward and outward) and adventure. This is a very optimistic, risk loving, inflated and pompous combination. All those mentioned above are in a intensive aspect to fantasy planet Neptune, who is sprinkling unrealistic promises, delusions and sensitivity like a sugary fairy dust all over this dreamy set. This could mean that something quite fascinating is in the making, absolutely. Planets can’t tell if the story ends in disappointment and tears or wonderful success. If you’ve been strictly honest with yourself and been willing to see things as they are, without even one beautifying and distorting Instagram filter, then there’s a good chance to experience something real and beautiful (just remember not to overestimate your resources, time, money etc.), but it’s also good to remember that there might be some pretty rainbow coloured soap bubbles that are ready to be burst. But that can only happen to something that was never real in the first place. Surely you want to know the truth, even if it gets a bit of a soap water into your eyes in the process.

The loveliest thing in the chart of the New Moon is something called the minor grand trine. It also has Neptune involved, but here it is in such a harmonious aspects that it will probably manifest in the best possible way. Neptune in Pisces is in a soft aspect with love planet Venus in sensual Taurus. Saturn brings trustworthiness and stability with deep, passionate and intensive Pluto. The Moon Nodes are also involved here in this pretty design, so the issue here might be something that originates from times long past. Pay check from your past life or perhaps the true love from days of yore. Now is the right time to indulge in romanticism and high hopes. Don’t only wait for the best, but expect the most wonderful miracle. New Moon in Gemini is like Hermes the messenger of gods, with his winged sandals. He’s a humorous prankster and unpredictable trickster, but he also delivered letters between all worlds. What kind of mail you think he’s bringing to you?

“I am realistic – I expect miracles.” Wayne Dyer

Main themes of the month: 

burdens from the past, responsibilities, structures, safety net, relationship questions, frustration, becoming discouraged, big dreams, unrealistic plans, optimism, dreaming, fantasy, self-deception, falsehood, gullibility, fraud, limitless possibilities, freedom from fear, revealing illusions, commitment, marriage, serious promises, trust, maturing, ability to love, new change, to be ready for love (again), healed heart, wealth, happiness, celebration, pleasure

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Gemini opposition Jupiter, square Neptune. Pluto and Saturn in conjunct on South Node. Mars, North Node and Juno opposition Pluto and Saturn. Mercury opposition Jupiter. Venus trine Saturn, sextile Neptune, trine Pluto. Mars opposition Saturn, trine Neptune and square Chiron. Mercury ingress Cancer 4.6. Venus ingress Gemini 9.6. Full Moon in Sagittarius 17.6. Sun ingress Cancer 21.6. Neptune retrograde 21.6. Mercury ingress Leo 27.6. New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2.7.

Plans with Wings – New Moon in Taurus

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 5.5. to 2.6.2019

The New Moon of May is born in sensual, earthy and calm Taurus, a sign which is ruled by loving Venus. Taurus Moon is typically a time to concentrate all things delicious, material and concrete. It’s a time to relish and focus on all the miracles happening in the nature that gently caress your senses. It’s a time to put your hands into dirt and work at the garden till the sun goes down and you are happily knackered.  Or to spend extra to get some fancy eatables to have a barbecue feast at the backyard with your friends and family. All that easygoing, enjoyable and harmonious Taurus stuff that everybody loves. And that’s why it’s somewhat confusing that everything else on the New Moon chart seems to be pointing into completely opposite direction.

Because Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, one would expect it’s calm, gentle and harmonious quality to be strongly emphasized during this time. Instead it seems to be more about Mars. The ruler of the New Moon (Venus) is in impulsive and feisty Aries, the sign ruled by fiery Mars, and in conjunct with Vesta, the asteroid of inner flame and passionate devotion. Also every single even slightly interesting aspect in the chart of the New Moon seems to be involving Mars, making it more and more meaningful at the moment. We already had a New Moon in Aries in April, so it’s a bit puzzling why this Taurus Moon, which should be much more placid and composed, seems to be repeating the same(ish) lesson. Besides of Mars, Pluto and Saturn who have just begun their retrograde phases and dwelling on the South Node, are the ones giving the shots. And that suits them just fine, since they both love to be in charge, and as if that’s not enough, they both have a tight grip on Mars, like they’re forcing it to face something essential.

New Moon is always about new beginnings in a form or another, and creative but practical Taurus is a master of matter and form, it feels like this time is pushing us out of our comfort zone, to dare to begin. Both Pluto and Saturn are harassing Mars from a very quirky aspect. It’s like they’re reminding us to go forward, always forward, and leave everything that has happened behind, because it doesn’t exist anymore unless we choose to carry it around in our head. Whatever happened in the past, does not have to define our present or affect to our future. No matter what’ you’ve been through let it go, get up and go on. It’s time to empty the emotional backpack of all the hurt, bitterness and disappointment, because if your bag is full of memories of the past, there isn’t any room in there for new possibilities and exhilarating succeeding.

There’s also very interesting t-cross in the chart of the New Moon. Jupiter that’s often connected to good fortune and opportunities is opposite Mars the Action, and Neptune that represents visions, spirituality and oneness, is in an intensive square to both Mars and Jupiter. This may manifest in many ways, depending on how much awareness there is involved, but at it’s best this is about courage to hear the inner call, to follow your heart and proceed with making dreams reality. Transform your crazy fantasy into a practical plan and work hard to fulfill it step by step. During a time like this ideas don’t just get wings but they may grow roots and start sprouting. As optimistic and expanding Jupiter is in opposition with Mars in inventive Gemini it might be a bit foolhardy and risky combination, but when the foundation is well built and plans have been simmering to the point of being overcooked, this might just be the invigorating and encouraging wave of energy that pushes the perfectly ready ship off of the harbour and the adventure may begin.

Along with these exhilarating energies there’s something very heavy and karmic, if I may say so. Pluto the King of the Underworld and Saturn the Lord of Karma are retrograding together in Capricorn on the South Node that represents the ”karmic saldo” and all the experiences and programmings from our past. This exceptionally emphatic combination lasts a long time and is especially meaningful for those who have something important (like Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus, Mars etc.) in their natal chart at 20 to 28 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra.

The things we’ve not been able to confront before are arising from our subconscious and are taking a physical form, so that we could finally take the bull by the horns and be liberated from everything we’ve been avoiding all our life. That which has to change can not be run away from anymore. It’s finally possible to see things as they are. Saturn here is helping us to see and accept the limitations we’ve created and to realise how we’ve put ourselves in dire straits. Very practical attitude is always helpful with Saturn. Take care of your duties, conquer the tasks you’ve postponed, take responsibility, priorise, focus, work hard and grow up. Pluto is here to help us dredge our inner depths and confront a few ancient sea monsters that might be lurking there in the dark. When you’re not afraid of it anymore you may harness it’s strength or get rid of it’s influence. It’s all about a kind of emotional detox: purify, relinquish, unleash, let go and be freed.

Main themes of the month: 

enthusiasm, self-confidence, courage to take risks, making one’s dreams come true, practicality, letting go, forgiveness, facing one’s fears, realities, accepting the truth, growing up, getting serious, detoxing, purification, finding the right direction, getting a grip of oneself, inner pressure, manifesting unconscious physically, ”no pain, no gain”

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Taurus trine Saturn and sextile Neptune. Pluto and Saturn in conjunct on South Node quincunx Mars. Jupiter opposition Mars. Neptune square Jupiter and Mars. Saturn and Pluto square Venus. Venus conjunct Vesta. Mercury ingress Taurus 5.5. Venus ingress Taurus 15.5. Mars ingress Cancer 16.5. Full Moon in Scorpio 18.5. Sun and Mercury ingress Gemini 21.5. New Moon in Gemini 3.6.

Courage to Love – New Moon in Aries

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 5.4. – 4.5.2019

The birth of a New Moon in Aries is like a lazy old band that’s been playing gooey and slightly out of tune slow dances way too long, suddenly gets a boost and starts blasting energetic marches causing bafflement in the tired and bit drunken crowd. Even though there’s still three planets in Pisces (Mercury, Neptune and Venus), we’re slowly creeping away from the vague Pisces time, towards perky, active and life sprouting spring.

That elusive and dreamy, yet incredibly sensitive and romantic Pisces energy gets it’s final peak for now on at Wednesday 10th of April when the planet of earthly love (Venus) joins the planet of universal and divine love (Neptune). Depending on the situation and person this might signify angel choirs singing while your loved one gets down on one knee at the most sentimental way, or on the other hand it might imply your readiness to see through your self-delusions and start loving yourself so much that you are willing to get rid of your tiresome role of a martyr and saviour that you finally start dabbling your shiny mermaid tail to swim at high speed to much clearer waters. Then there probably are some other alternatives to experience this time too, but that’s left to be seen.

Mercury is leaving this time of surreal thinking behind and moves to Aries on 17th of April. There it will quite happily cut corners and jump into hasty conclusions. This is a time for swift decisions, impulsiveness, impatience and bluntness in communication and that might surprise even them, who don’t normally identify with that type of behaviour. Venus moves from Pisces to Aries on 20th of April and along that romance is about to get some speedy ride. Willingness to go bravely forward, even if there are emotional risks involved, may be easier than in a long time. Adrenaline flows in Aries times (testosterone might be high too), so it’s all about going straight to the point, no games, no plays, no strategies, thank you very much. Everything should be how it seems and all situations should have a simple and quick solution. Control-Alt-Delete.

Some buts might get on the way though. South Node of the Moon that represents past experiences, is having two stern hard house guests. Pluto, that symbolises irrational fears, power, manipulation and all the gloomy bugbears in our inner dark corners, is there with Saturn, that represents restrictions, rules, obstacles and control. They might get opposite on your way to carefree, flowery fields of new beginnigs. This time might lift to the surface some things from the past that you need to face and take care of before moving on. More likely than that, they are old beliefs and programmings, that your past experiences made you digest and think as they are truth. Before you weight your head down, become discouraged and give up your dreams and plans, be make sure the things you think are on the way are real and not just some old echoes form the past. If it truly is something concrete that is restricting your freedom (like small children, way too late tax return or imprisonment), just face the situation just as it is, without unnecessary incendiary interpretations, be practical and do what need to be done in order to still be able to start something new in your life that makes life feel exciting and worth living for.

If you spend too long digging in your starting point you might accidentally cave a grave. Or at least so deep hole that it’s not that easy to get up from there any time soon. It really is quite a strong confrontation in the air at the moment between enthusiastic and eager Aries and those fears and suspicions that are holding New Moon in their tight grip. This just might be one of those situations where you can’t go around the obstacle but instead you have to go through. No matter how scared you might be, saddle the horse and hop on.

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” C. JoyBell C.

Main themes of the month: 

discipline and order, army, military, demanding, accomplishments, ambition, competion, greed for gain, pover struggles, bellicosity, readiness to fight, get a grip of oneself, control, determinity, strict attitude, radical life changes, ”enough is enough”, last straw, facing one’s past, giving up lies, seeing through illusions, truthfulness, realites, obstacles and restrictions from past, punishment, eagerness to move forward vs. lacking courage

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Aries square Pluto and Saturn, opposition Pallas Athene and trine Ceres. Khiron sextile Mars. Pluto, Saturn and South Node in conjunct. Pluto sextile Mercury and Neptune. Neptune conjunct Mercury and Venus. Jupiter goes retrograde10.4. Mercury ingress Aries 17.4. Full Moon in Libra 19.4. Venus ingress Aries 20.4. Sun ingress Taurus 20.4. Pluto goes retrograde 24.4. Saturn goes retrograde 30.4. New Moon in Taurus 5.5.

Relationship karma activation

Now she sings, now she sobs. Life.

Bought this gorgeous Celestite last week as a (one of the many) birthday present pour moi. Love this angel stone so much. But to keep things real I’d like to add WHERE DO THESE FEELINGS COME AND WHERE CAN I PUT THEM?! ?

Not going to have a Full Moon Event (Täydenkuun ilta) on Thursday, but for those who’d like to know, Full Moon is in Libra 0 and Sun is in conjunct of the Wounded Healer Chiron on Aries point. This is potent stuff. Be ready for some relationship karma activation. Hurt, disappointment, sorrow, fear, feelings of inadequancy and all their friends and family might just revisit from the past in the most cunning ways. Oh the joys of being human. Obviously all is in the name of SEEING what is inside. And TO SEE IS TO BE FREE. That’s what we all want, right kiddos?

Best gift ever is to be Alive

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time. I used to live there, right next to this little faerie meadow. But that was now and this is then. It’s my Birthday today. I’m very happy that I’ve been born, that I got this body, that I was gifted this life. It’s all been a gift. One gift after another. Gift, gift, gift. Life doesn’t owe me anything. Not even an apology. Why should it? Because I have suffered? Because I have been sick and poor? Because my heart has been broken, time and time again. Naah, it’s been one helluva story. And if I’m blessed enough, it’ll keep going for a some while more with sunshine and rainfalls, thunder and blizzards. All of that bein a gift, gift, gift. So grateful for being alive. So blissed to have a heart. So lucky to love. ♡

“When you die to the past and the future, you come alive.” Sri Bhagavan

? Björk – All is Full of Love ?

You are the Path

And one day you see. Then everything changes. You realise there’s nothing to forgive, nothing to heal. It was all just a misunderstanding, an error in the thinking mind. And when you see you know there’s nowhere to go, not in a spiritual sense anyway. You are not on the path, you are the path. 

(Churchbells are tolling outside right now when I’m writing this, what and awesome moment.) ♡

#toseeistobefree #youarethepath

Mystic and Magical – New Moon in Pisces

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 6.3. to 4.4.2019

New Moon in Pisces is ethereal, sensitive, intuitive, creative, passionate, devotional and quite magical. Mercury, the planet of mind and thinking, has just turned it’s powers inwards and started it’s retrograde phase in Pisces, the sign of the mystics and poets. This cycle of the Moon is indeed the time of dreamers, light bearers, visionaries and love infused light beings. It might be better to forget all about logic and rationality, forget everything that has something to do with precis measures, details or strict arrangements (gee, for some of us it’s time to do our annual tax-return!) , because collective mind is now turned, if not off altogether, then at least upside down and to a whole different frequency. If we try to force our mind to be pedantic, if we even think it should be as sharp as we’re used to, then there might be some unpleasant surprises or frustrating disappointments in store for us.

This cycle of the Moon is truly exceptionally like from a fairy-tale, but the magic can also be artificial, deceptive and momentary, or it can be very real and trustworthy, depending on frequency and the source it’s coming from.

New Moon is born in Pisces at 16 degree and it’s Sabian Symbol is ”In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration”. And this is what it’s all about now. Silence your mind and and dive into the inner flow of your creativity. New Moon is in conjunct with it’s own ruler Neptune that makes this time even more dreamy and sensitive. There’s also Vesta, the asteroid of kundalini and fire of the soul, in conjunct with Sun, Moon and Neptune. That can be the time when our dormant inner passion awakens or when we find ‘The Thing’ we want to dedicate our whole life to. Even if Pisces is often elusive and obscure, Vesta brings such focus, integrity and determination to it that it can burn all the obstacles away.

This is a time of a soul burning love and intensity, but not necessarily in the way that one might think. Many of us who are living aligned with their soul’s purpose may experience a huge inspiration and almost torrid passion, freely flowing creativity and blossoming of the heart that they may have to be extra careful to take care of their physical needs and invest on being in balance in order to stay grounded and not turn into the fiery will-of-the-wisp and vanish into some other realms.

Retrograding Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron, which has just changed its sign and started a journey in Aries. This has to do with bravery to start new things and have courage to be exactly who you are carrying your own flag, head held high. Chiron most often represents everything to do with health and well-being, it has a strong healer, teacher and shaman energy. Mercury and Chiron together with this exceptionally spiritually strong New Moon can make us see, feel and realise something that the mundane mind can’t understand and maybe even accept. We are definitely living marvelous times and for some people this may be a real shamanic journey to realms within and beyond mind to the dark chambers of consciousness and to the wonderful magical worlds of your imagination. But without the clarity of consciousness and the light of awareness, there might only be mirages and quicksand ahead. Everything that shines isn’t gold.

In the symbol of Pisces there are two fish swimming towards two different directions bound together from their tails. As great as the present energy is in this time, a great pontential to be betrayed is also present. Without clarity and clear consciousness this time can be full of haze, great confusion, uncertainty, insecurity and pointless fantasies. If your inner compass doesn’t work, you have a great danger to fall into the things that seem good on the surface and believe beautiful words which all turn out to be just empty promises, illusions and false mental images. But there’s a blessing hidden in it too, sometimes a disappointment is the thing that makes us wake up and gives us an ability to see through the irrelevant, reach for something real beyond thoughts and material.

If you’ve always gone where the fence is the lowest, avoided or ran from something that’s felt too much effort or unpleasant, or other than that tried to reach something in dishonest ways, the payment time is now. Many of the wrong decisions made in the past, fraud, deception and everything that we’re carrying the guilt from (even though we wouldn’t even remember it) might come back around waiting to be paid off with the most bizarre ways. Nonetheless or just because of this there is a tremendous love and mercy present and it is our job to see it and thank it with a humble heart.

”Let go of what has passed. Let go of what may come. Let go of what is happening now. Don’t try to figure anything out. Don’t try to make anything happen. Relax, right now, and rest.” Tilopa

Main themes of the month: 

drowsiness, absentmindedness, forgetfulness, sensitivity, emotion, empathy, inspiration, limitlessness, uncertainty, confusion, vagueness, shady, devotion, dedication, universal love, activation of the heart centre, oneness, oneconsciousness, awakening of kundalini, spiritual experiences, shamanism, creativity, dreams, visions, surrender, opening of the heart, floating, meditation, yoga, tantra, gentleness, love, seeing through ego’s lies

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Vesta, sextile Mars and Saturn, square Jupiter. Chiron conjunct Mercury. Pluto and Saturn conjunct South Node. Mercury retrograde 5.3.-28.3. Uranus ingress Taurus 6.3. Sun ingress Aries 20.3. Full Moon in Libra 21.3. Venus ingress Pisces 26.3. Mars ingress Gemini 31.3.

Ideas Outside the Box – New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon Forecast is an astrological report from 4.2. to 5.3.2019

February’s New Moon in Aquarius provides us for the first time in a long time with somewhat refreshing, airy, light and innovative wibes. The feeling in the air is exactly like one feels after a thorough cleaning, after every single bag of old clothing, extra stuff and useless rubbish have been carried out of the apartment and it’s time to buy a huge bunch of rainbow coloured tulips. The feeling you get, sitting there in the long awaited morning sunshine, a blank paper in front of you, new plans tickling in your stomach.

In astrology the Moon represents emotions, intuition, relationship to one’s body and wellness, safety, routines, home, caring, and everything that’s instinctive, reactive and familiar. The Moon is the Mother in us; how we feed, nourish and take care, but it’s also the Child in us who needs to be cared for, nourished and kept safe. The Moon is in a very unfamiliar territory in Aquarius, because there isn’t a sign that’s as independent, intellectual, rational and avoidant of everything the Moon stands for than the Water Bearer.

This rational, logistic and extremely mental Moon in Aquarius gets even more of analitistic and rationality when Mercury, which represents thinking, is in conjunct with the Sun and the Moon of the New Moon. So it might be accurate to say that this specific New Moon could be called ”an Engineer’s Moon”. Aquarius has always been said to be either a madman or a genius, usually both at the same time. There’s only a fair line to tell the difference between a genius who’s ahead of their time and 
has exceptional ideas, and a manic folio hatted conspiracy theorist.

Mars that represents energy, action and assertiveness is conjunct Uranus, Aquarius’s own ruler planet. Mars and Uranus in Aries give a very charged, exciting, impulsive and a bit crazy energy to this time. Ideas and plans may get a really rapid beginning.The fuse igniter is so short that at it’s worst the whole thing may explode at one’s hands. This is a very volatile combination. But at it’s best it can support those who are too scared and timid to defend oneself or spend years after years pondering on a possible next move but never actually taking it. This time might give some courage and assertiveness needed to those in need of it.

So it completely depends on the person and their life situation how these energies manifest. Impulsive people who eat risks for breakfast may notice that a tiny teeny bit of consideration might have been a marvelous idea before quitting the job, burning the rental contract or sending that breakup text to your loving long term partner. On the other hand those prone to clinging to safety and humbly enduring even the worst circumstances this time may give just the right spark to finally initiate the change.

Whatever area in your life or part of yourself that feels outdated or stuck, let these radically fresh and revolutionary energies of this New Moon to blow through and ventilate them. Then you can feel such renewed and sparkling joy that this change – small or big – brings into your life.

Main themes of the month: 

intellect, new ideas and policies, rebel, analytical, freedom, impulsiveness, innovative reformist, independence, volatility, genius, madness, overly emphasized mind and thinking, rationality, new insights, fresh wibes, courage to break oneself free, liberation, learning something new, technology, wild mind, overly active mind, insomnia, restlessness, nervous energy

Astrology of New Moon: 

Sun and Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter. Chiron square Venus. Pluto square Mars. Neptune square Jupiter and sextile Saturn. Uranus trine Venus and conjunct Mars. Jupiter trine Mars. Mars trine Venus. Venus ingress Capricorn 4.2. Mercury ingress Pisces 10.2. Mars ingress Taurus 14.2. Chiron retrogrades back to Aries 18.2. Sun ingress Pisces 19.2. Full Moon in Virgo 19.2. Venus ingress Aquarius 1.3. Mercury retrograded 5.3. New Moon in Pisces 5.3.