Best gift ever is to be Alive

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time. I used to live there, right next to this little faerie meadow. But that was now and this is then. It’s my Birthday today. I’m very happy that I’ve been born, that I got this body, that I was gifted this life. It’s all been a gift. One gift after another. Gift, gift, gift. Life doesn’t owe me anything. Not even an apology. Why should it? Because I have suffered? Because I have been sick and poor? Because my heart has been broken, time and time again. Naah, it’s been one helluva story. And if I’m blessed enough, it’ll keep going for a some while more with sunshine and rainfalls, thunder and blizzards. All of that bein a gift, gift, gift. So grateful for being alive. So blissed to have a heart. So lucky to love. ♡

“When you die to the past and the future, you come alive.” Sri Bhagavan

? Björk – All is Full of Love ?

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  1. I love this >> Best gift ever is to be alive! 💟 Some days are good, some are bad….but I am grateful to be alive.
    Thank you for reminding me! 💟

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